Why crying is useful to you

Who does not come to laugh and cry? It’s more that everyone laughs together but crying is lonely. It is known that women are the dominant men in crying. But men also cry. If they do not cry out loud, then sobs also take. If something is thrown at you by the Boos, in the dark night and the deserted road, the car may be damaged, if the feet get a great deal of stumbling, the tears come out. But don’t worry. Crying is not an unnatural process. It is involved in human nature and now scientists say that crying can have a good effect on your health. Let us explain why crying is good for you?

Tears relieve stress:

William Fray, who is also a biochemist, a prominent researcher on the tears and who has authored a book “Crying: The Mystery of Tears”, says that during the process of crying a expression changing mineral manganese is released from the body. And this mineral is thirty times more in tears than blood. Of course there are other ways to relieve stress that do not have to be crying but if your heart is hurt on something and you are inclined to cry, so do not prevent the tears from flowing because those who say that crying lightens the burden of the heart, they do not say wrong. The waste materials come out from the body in the form tears which accumulate in the body due to stress. The Endorphins’ Leucine-enkaphaline and Prolactin are included in these chemicals. If the tears are preventing from flowing, it will raise the level of stress and as a result raise hypertension, heart problems and gastric ulcer complaints.

Crying strengthens relationships:

Crying is not only beneficial for health, but it also strengthens social relationships. If you see someone weeping, you cannot ignore it, if you have a pained heart. You will ask him why he cried and you’ll probably say that “how can I help you?” It has been seen that people come closer to each other through tears. They develop feelings of compassion and love, and social attitudes improve. It was a reference to the tears that emit in the eyes in emotional situations. Now remember the tears that are constantly in the eyes but do not move.

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