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The Value of Travelling Essay

“The Value of Travelling” is an essay for school and college student. It is important essay for 2nd year student. This essay contain simple wording and spelling. You easily learn. This essay contains quotes and quotations. This essay has equal value for 10th class, 2nd year and BA students.

Essay Title: The Value of Travelling

Snooping is one of the characteristics of man which can never be fulfilled. In all ages, men have wanted to know about things and places. In order to obtain knowledge, they have studied books and travelled in the face of several hazards. It was the eager desire to stroll and see places that led Columbus and Vasco da Gama to discover America and India. When printing had not developed, and newspapers were not presented, travellers played a vital role. People of a city or a village collect news about the happenings in other parts of the country from these travellers. Also, these travellers related the information of the different styles of living of people in different places and the listeners learned what they could not gather from any other source.

Travel is both a source of learning and enjoyable experience. No amount of explanation of a place or people in books can be a alternate to a personal visit to the place concerned. The impact of seeing it for oneself is much more than merely reading about it. Generally, when we get into the routine of travelling from our house to our place of work, we begin to lose interest in our surroundings. We rarely notice any changes that take place on the direction. Travelling, on the other hand, sharpens our power of observation. When we are at a new place, we tend to get interested in the unfamiliar details of the place. Our curiosity about the new place makes us alert and we start taking mental note of the surroundings.

Leading the life of a frog in the well narrows our mental horizons and we begin to regard our narrow limits as the whole world. Travelling brings us face to face with the diversity that exists in this vast world. We meet people talking different languages, eating different foods, wearing different dresses and observing lifestyles which have nothing in common with those of our own. We exchange ideas with other people. We find that there can be more than one way of dressing up and the other ways are not necessarily inferior to those of our own. We may, at times, learn and benefit from the study of political and social institutions established in other countries.

Several problems happen from the fact that people of different regions in the country rarely find an opportunity to visit regions other than their own. They can learn and understand at firsthand about the true nature of the problems of a particular region. When one looks at a problem from another’s point of view, one understands and realizes the awkwardness of one’s own stand.

Travel brings alive the historical and other monuments. We generally read about them in books, but they remain in our minds as only theoretical word-masses. When we are face to face with the monuments about which we have read, we experience a excitement, which is not to be got through books at all. Travelling also satisfies the courage of adventure in us. Visiting far-flung places, sometimes not easily linked by transport, entails difficulties. But there lies the excitement of having conquered the distance. There is something in man which drives him towards tackling challenges and travelling fulfils this urge.

Besides being a source of coaching and education, travelling also provides joy and happiness. The adventure of being at a new place, amidst strange people and sharing foreign food with them is something which cannot be effectively put into words. The unique sense of freedom is indeed joyful.

Last but not least, the uneducated persons who cannot learn from books can also educate themselves by travelling and observing things. Actually, the knowledge acquired by an uneducated person by visiting different places would be much more meaningful to him. It will remain with him for the rest of his life, as against the academic knowledge which may sometimes, leave some misgivings in the mind of the reader. More and more people, for all these reasons, are taking to travel.


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