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“The Effect of Smoking on Society” is an essay for school and college student. It is important essay for 2nd year student. This essay contain simple wording and spelling. You easily learn. This essay contains quotes and quotations. This essay has equal value for 10th class, 2nd year and BA students.

Essay Title: The Effect of Smoking on Society

Generally smoking means to smoke cigarette, though other form of smoking tobacco are also included in it. Smoking is the widest spread habit in our country and some others country. It is mostly popular among men but women also smoke Hubble-Hubble and a few enjoy the puffs of a cigarette. The young boys, particularly the students, are a grand victim of it.

There is no doubt that for the time being smoking refreshes the smokers but cigarette have a injurious element called nicotine which is a deadly poison. The doctors warn that smoking is injurious to health. Smoking breeds throat diseases and tuberculosis. It is the basic cause of lung cancer. Smokers commonly suffer from cold, cough and influenza. They also suffer from bad breath. Smoking is also harmful for eyesight and digestive system. Smokers also suffer from failure of memory and dead smokers suffer from heart attack. The clouds of smoke raised by one smoker build the other experience giddy. Smoking is also a source of suffocation and contamination in the society. It is also obvious that new generation is less addicted to it than the previous one.

Medical investigation shows that smoking is one the major cause of low life expectancy. International community has rejected it altogether. They have banned it at all public places. They have lessen it noticeably with and effective campaign against it through media. It is considered a worse habit and a great immorality against society. In advanced countries, smoking is prohibited in the presence of children,so that they are not effected by it.

The following measures may help controlling this menace. The treatment and advice for the smokers must readily be available at short distance. Media must play it role to motivate the public against smoking. The harms of smoking must be highlight in the textbooks at all levels so that awarness develop in students. The students must be monitored in this connection by the institutions. All the public places must be declared smoking-free. Smoking should be banned in all government offices. Tax levied on cigarette should be increased manifold.


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