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Terrorism Essay

“Terrorism in World” is an essay for school and college student. It is important essay for 2nd year student. This essay contain simple wording and spelling. You easily learn. This essay contains quotes and quotations. This essay has equal value for 10th class, 2nd year and BA students.

Essay Title: Terrorism in World

“Terrorism is a mental and emotional disease that needs sociological, psychological, political, economic and moral treatment by men of learning, experience, and vision.”

Terrorism means the use of force against the people or government by terrorists. This use of force may be in the form (shape) of bomb blasts, killings on the roads and in the homes, kidnapping for liberate, activities damages done to the private and public property through fires, etc.

Acts of terrorism have been on the rise in our country, and in other countries for several years. We should first of all consider the general causes of terrorism. Firstly, the general displeasure of the common people promotes anti-social activities like terrorism.

Extreme disparity, absence and rising prices of opportunities (favourable chances) for educated young men to gain proper employment or work in society and injustice sometimes force them to become enemies of the social system or the government. Many of the terrorists in Karachi and Sindh, and possibly in other areas of the country, are highly educated.

Secondly, the whole social system is responsible for terrorism. We have two extremely unequal classes of very rich feudal lords and poor farmers or labourers in the villages. In the cities are the rich businessmen, industrialists, and capitalists and the poor masses (common people). So, a wide gulf (gap) of social differences between the two classes exists. Some of the have-notch desire to use force against the richest and most powerful people and also against the government for revenge or for snatching what others possess.

Thirdly, the absence of proper education, quick rise in population and slow growth of democracy are the other causes of terrorism. Fourthly, the circumstances in other countries as in Afghanistan and in Occupied Kashmir (Piedmont) causes terrorist acts in the country. Other countries can send their agents into our country to kill people and destroy property. Fifthly, religious leaders or parties assign in acts of terrorism as a result of sectarian differences. It is a odd reality that religious differences and the existence of religious groups and parties lead to the use of force and killing of people.

Firstly, we should end the general disappointment in society. There should be as much equality as possible. Young educated men and women should have enough opportunities to get employment and work. Injustice in all forms should end. Secondly, the whole social system should be changed according to the needs of the 21st century. Big feudal lords should not be allowable to utilize the farmers. Very rich businessmen and industrialists should be forced to share their money and resources with common workers and labourers. Thirdly, there should be universal education (education for all) of a proper class. Democracy should be introduced at all levels. The elected assemblies should have able and educated representatives from all the classes. Fourthly, the government and the people should take care that enemy agents coming from other countries are not able to commit acts of terrorism. Fifthly, only those people should have weapons (arms) who are peaceful and need to defend themselves against terrorists.

Special checks should be placed on the custody of sophisticated (highly advanced) weapons on the part of the rich landowners, chiefs of political parties, religious leaders and capitalists. Then they may not be able to kill each other or the common people or fight battles with the police destroying peace and creating lawlessness in society. Lastly, we should try to remove religious differences between parties and groups. They should be brought together on one national platform to work together for national unity and progress.

The people of Pakistan are peace loving. They want to live and work in peace for their progress and welfare and of the country. When there are bomb blasts, firing on the roads and disturbances, they feel very upset and unsafe. The government and the nation should take urgent steps to stop all forms of illegal use of force and terrorist activities.

Firstly, the right kind of education to the people should be provided in schools, colleges and universities and public places. Adult education centres should be set up in the provinces for universal education. Uneducated men, women and children should be educated everywhere, in the villages, towns and cities. English should be compulsory. With modern education in English, we should be provided education in the provincial languages. Respect for religion, law and the rights of mothers should be educated through books, pamphlets, pictures, TV, newspapers and the Internet. Secondly, education beyond the 8th class should introduce the computer in its main working, major machines in their operation and their repairs in workshops to most students.

The teaching of English should proceed side by side on modern lines making the people capable of writing and speaking it at ease. The result of such education would be the creation of a significant workforce to nourish our factories and production centres, farms and village areas with cottage (small-scale) industries, mechanized farming and building activities. Then exports would increase and more industries would be set up. Many who go for terrorism would settle down to work. Thirdly, the government should make special education, work and employment available in the Baluchistan. Again, the teaching of English, science and technical subjects should be made popular through the mass media, mosques and religious schools. Islam favours gaining modern knowledge and education on the latest lines.

Lastly, all possible steps should be taken to stop unlawful arms supplies everywhere. The unlicensed arms with the people should be recovered and placed in government storehouses. Anti-terrorism laws should be imposed with all-out effort.


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