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“My Neighbour  Essay”  has equal value for school and college students. This is an essay which is valuable for the high school and college level students. We can choose our friends but not our neighbours. We have to live with our neighbours whether we like them or not.


Essay Title: My Neighbour Essay


We can choose our friends but not our neighbours. We have to live with our neighbours whether we like them or not. However good neighbours are the blessing of God.  Happy is the man who has good neighbours. I am such a happy man. I have the best relations with my immediate neighbours. There has never been any trouble between us.


I have many neighbours but the best among them is Mr. Huzafa Wains who is my next door neighbour. He belongs to a noble family. He is a religious person and offers prayer five times a day. He never tells a lie. He always speak the truth. He often conducts religious gatherings. He is a good-natured man. He is not a selfishness person. He treats all with a smiling face. He is always respectful and courteous. I have never found him exchanging a ruthless word with anybody. He is simple and self-effacing. He often forgives the people who do hurt to him.


He has two sons and three daughters. His children are polite and respectful. They are very intelligentand hard worker. They are getting an education. His wife is an equally excellent woman. She is a school teacher and a social worker. She teaches the poor students free of fee. His elder daughter is also a Hafiz-e-Quran. One of his sons has won International Talend Award for Youth. His children respect me and regard me as their own father.


Mr. Huzafa Wains is a tall healthy man of 45. He is full of life and enthusiasm. He is energetic and quick even at this stage of life. He goes for a morning walk early in the morning ever day. He takes exercise regularly to keep himself fit and healthy. He advises the young people of our neighborhood to get up early and take exercise. He himself has planted a number of trees in the park where he goes for a morning walk.


My neighbour is also a learned man. He is an M. Phill in Psychology. He has written various articles in journals. He has written a book on the psychological health of youth. He is a member of the Pakistan Psychology Research Board. He spends most of his time in script. He runs a private college too. He makes great speeches of special events and occasions.


Mr. Huzafa Wains is also very rich and wealth. He has a spacious house of 2 Kanal. He has two cars. He lives a handsome life and never indulges in minor things. He helps the poor and the needy with money and time. He is not proud of his wealth and money. He is modest and simple. He gives time to the poor people of his locality on every happy and sad events. He readily helps the people in trouble. He has, many times, helped me in my bad times.


My Neighbour possesses notable social skills. He becomes and leader and sometimes a follower. He is liberal and helpful. He tries to make peace between the two neighbours if they have a quarrel. He is an romantic man. He had a good sense of humor too. He talks and argues with reasons and logic. He has remarkable relations with all of his neighbours. He is really a blessing for all his neighbours. May Allah bless him that he live long!

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