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‘Village Life’ is an easy for second year English. Village life is a simple life. Vilage people live in a simple house. Their houese are made by mud. This essay has equal value for 10th class and 2nd year. Life is a village is totally different from that in a city. This essay describes the various aspects of village life.

Essay Title: Life in a Village Essay

 “God made the country, and man made the town”.

Writers especially the poets, have always tended to glorify the life of nature. The contrast between life in a village and in a city is clear enough to understand the merits and demerits of all. Let cover all the parts of village life one by one.

A village has usually unpaved roads. The roads are narrow and two ways. There is no heavy rush of traffic on the roads. But now a days the villages have too carpeted roads. The supply of electricity is available in all the villages now except those who are situated in extremely far off remote areas especially on the borderline. Supply of gas is not available in most of the villages except those who are situated close to big town or cities.


Sewerage and sanitation conditions in villages are poor. There is no proper sewerage system. The drains are sometimes blocked and dirty water spreads in the streets. This condition is also not true for all the villages.

The people of the villages are welcoming, social and hardworking. They have no insincerity, no greed, and lusts. They lead a simple life. They are healthy, physically powerful and fresh. There is no swift life in the villages. People live in big broad houses with joint family system. They follow their customs and culture in full abidance. The people usually work in the farms and fields. Most of the villagers are farmers or they work their own private business. Women also work in the field with their male member of the family. The life of a woman in the village is as busy as that of a man. The people are not speedy and they enjoy the life full of taste.

“ Life is a journey, Not a race.”

The health and education facilities are not available in all the villages. Although there is a govt, a primary school in more than 70% of the village yet there is no quality education institution at the village level. A large number of students go to nearby cities and town for education daily. The literacy rate is lower in villages as compared to cities.


There is not a physical condition center at village levels. There are basic health facilities available in countryside areas at Union Council level. The villagers have to take a serious patient to a nearby city to get the treatment. Health opportunities are even more in village areas. There are fresh and healthful fruits and vegetables available in the villages. The people get fewer disease chances when they eat fresh and healthy food. These foods are many times healthy when compared to fast-food in the cities.

The environment of the villages is quiet, clean and pollution free. Due to more trees and plants, the pollution is in control in countryside areas. There are vast green fields which calm the eyes. The peeping of birds, the fresh cool breeze in the morning, the colorful fields are really fantastic things to see in countryside areas. The climate is not hard in the countryside areas. Anyhow the ponds of wastewater and the plenty of household garbage provide safe heavens for the nourishment and reproduction of mosquito reproduction which further causes diseases.

“ There is music for everything going on in the village.”

A village life has merits and demerits. There is a lack of facilities like education, health, gas, and utilities, roads etc. But there is a pollution free, simple, healthful and calm environment in a village. If villages are provided with better communications, health and education facilities, utilities and employment opportunities, no one would like to live in cities.

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