How to Maintain Your Health

You always maintain you health. You take part in good activities. You do not part in bad activities. You should avoid yourself from bad activities so that your health keep good. You do good deeds in which your body parts are use and your body parts efficiency increase. You make yourself strong by doing hard deeds.

Good Deeds:

If you do good deeds, you health remain good. You get up early in the morning. You pay the prayers. After prayers, you do some exercise and walk. Now you going to school. You take part in co-curricular activities. You take interest in good hobbies. You always choose a good profession that is suitable for your personality. You should respect every elder person and love with children. You do not tease anyone. You should avoid from bad habits because it destroy your health and life.

Bad deeds:

You should avoid from bad habits because it destroy your health like termite. You do not do smoking because it cause lungs and mouth cancer. You should avoid from smoking and smoker person. Smoking can destroy your lungs completely. You should avoid from free sexual contacting because it cause Aids. You are interested in it then you should do marriage. It keep your health good. You should not see dirty videos on internet because you loss yourself, you do not another person. You health completely loss by seeing dirty videos. It is your health, and not the health dirty video owner, so you keep it save. You do not interest in dirty girls and videos. You should always avoid yourself from these deeds. If you do as then you health remain good. You take part in games instead of these activities because it keep your good.


Games are also a part of life. It keep our body strong and healthy. If I play games then our are avoiding by bad activities. So we take part in games to maintain our health.

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