How to improve your health

Health is a part of life. It is very important factor in life. Healthy person survive good life and enjoy every field of life. He do not tired by stress of work while he done it happily keenly. He take part in each activity like that in games, study, learning and observing. So good health is very important to survive good life.

 Following factors help you to improve your health:


Good Diet:

The important factor to improve health is good diet. Good health depend upon on good diet. Do not eat delicious and tasty food daily because it damage the wall of stomach. The wall of stomach is very soft and effected by tasty food. You always eat simple food that is good for your health. You do not eat improper and contaminated diet, which malnutrition in your body. The growth and development of body depend upon on your diet. You eat meat, chicken, vegetables and drink more water and some milk daily.


Effect of Exercise:

Exercise is an other factor that improve your health. You go for walk daily and some exercise to fit your body. If you do not exercise daily, then your body become lazy and you do not interest in your work. You tired up after doing little work and do not complete your work by proper means. If you do walk and some exercise then you do your work with proper efficiency. You body work like a machine, if you do not use machine and lay down, it damage and corrode up, it do not perform proper work. Therefore, we take part in exercise activity so that our body take in working. A advice for student that he take part in co-curricular activities with their studies so that they take more interest in our works.

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