How much do you know your heart
Our heart is one of the most important part or organ in our body. Many of us know very little about the heart. They do not know any more about their heart except this fact that our heart only pumps blood in the body. The heart has mass like our fist is actually a powerhouse, Which transport the blood enrich with oxygen and nutrients in the every parts of the body. Unfortunately, heart diseases are now becoming more common, that is why information about these vital organ problems in our body should be general, our heart may be suffering from these problems. We also need to be aware of the dangers that can lead to heart problems. It is also important for us to know that how to keep heart healthy. Everyone should be aware of the following essential facts about heart.
If the heart muscles do not get blood with oxygen, they begin to die. This condition is referred to in medical terminology as infarction. Due to an obstruction in the blood vessels, when the heart muscle cells begin to die, so you have a heart attack, also called a heart attack. This partial death of the heart muscle is called Myocardial Infarction.
Stroke is the name of paralysis. Stroke causes permanent damage to the brain and this can result in death. This situation arises when an artery in our brain closes due to an obstruction and the blood does not reach the relevant part of the brain.
Systolic Blood Pressure:
We have two levels of blood pressure. One is systolic blood pressure and other is diastolic blood pressure. Blood pressure which is high in reading is systolic and blood pressure which is low in reading is diastolic. Blood pressure is considered normal when these readings are lower than 120-130 and 80-90 respectively.
There are urine medicines called diuretics. If the heart is not functioning properly and you have high blood pressure, these pills are given, which are also called Water Pills. These medicines increase the production of urine and this increases the body’s water output.

Body Mass index (BMI):
If your BMI mean Body Mass Index is between 20-25, it is considered good and if it goes above 27, that means your body weight has become excessive. If someone’s BMI is above 30, then the person concerned is obese. People who have a BMI higher than 30 have an increased risk of heart disease because in such cases, the risk of hypertension and diabetes also increase.
Bata Blockers:
Beta Blockers are medicines used in the treatment of high blood pressure, Angina, heart fail and anxiety. These medicines reduce hypertension and heart rate.
C- Reactive Protein (CRP):
CRP or C-Reactive Protein is a ring-shaped five-cornered protein found in our blood plasma. If there is inflammation in the body, the levels of this protein in the blood. Studies have shown that patients with elevated CRP levels have a higher risk of heart diseases.

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