Personality is very important factor in your life. By it, you can attract any person. Your personality impact another person that try to improve himself. Your personality gloom your mind and life. If you are good personality person then you enjoy the life fully. It improve yourself to survive better life in world. It is a part of life, by which you become a precious stone. Your personality show yourself, which family you have belong. It help you to survive be happy life in the world. You become a good person by it.

Effect of Dress:

Dress do large impact on your personality. If you wear neat and clean dress then you show be pious person. You always choose good dress that suitable for your thin and slim body. You do not wear the wide and narrow dresses. You always wear the fitting able dresses that shine your body. You do not wear tired up dresses that low down your personality and you feel tired up. So you become a dull person that could not enjoy the life fully and always embedded in tensions. He always surround by sorrows and terrible. He shows the misbehaviour against everyone and no one like it. Everyone heat himself and do not want to meet himself. He slowly slowly bow down  and tired up by the life.

Effect of Shoes:

Your shoes also effect on your personality and damage your personality completely. Your shoes have value like dresses. Both have equal value, without one, you could not show good personality. You select both things precisely that improve your personality and suitable for your body and behaviour. So you choose or buy suitable shoes that fit for personality and dresses.

Effect of Hair Cut:

Like that dresses and shoes, hair cut also do effect on your personality. You always take that hair cut that improve your  personality and do not show naughtiness. You always take suitable hair cut that do not damage your personality while improve it.

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