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Here is the essay on ‘College life’ for the Metric and 2nd year students. The students of F.Sc and F.A part 2 can learn this essay from here. There is a clear difference between school life and college life. The life in a college is totally different from school.

Essay Title: College Life Essay

The college life is a master blend of happiness and enjoyment. It is a greater sense of responsibility and hard working. Pleasure and work go hand in hand. We attend lectures; we work in labs, we take tuition and prepare for tests. During a class, a teacher keeps us busy in the lesson but he has the tricks of creating some humor. He does so to relieve us of tension and pressure. Sometimes, we learn that there would be a musical concert right after the exams. That is exciting!

 “College life has its own colours. There is youth, spirit, and desires all togather.”

There is a great difference between college and school life. A schoolboy has to lead a life full of restrictions. He gets up at regular hours goes to school daily, does the homework on the same day. Whereas, a college student is the master of his own will. He may not attend a lecture but no one is there to rebuke him. He may do some blunders but no one takes notice of it. There is no check on the freedom of the life of a college. This kind of freedom after the hard lead life of school gives a student joy and a sense of responsibility too. College life gives freedom of expression.


Every student has the right to express himself, both vocally and in form of writing. He listens to his teachers and discuses it with classmates and forms his own opinion about a certain topic. He expresses his opinion in writing also. Closely related, to this, is the freedom of choice. You have the choice of coming and going studying and bunking teaming or writing or wasting time and money. Some boys destroy themselves when they are given such a merciful atmosphere. Although, they apologize there is no use to cry over spilled milk.

 “The college life for those who are not serious is just a fantacy dream.”

Among all the freedom and soft rules, brilliant students do not waste their time. They focus on their studies. They take this freedom a positive point. They take it as an opportunity to take the life on the way that they want. They take part in sports as part of health and refreshment. They attend lectures regularly in order to expand their knowledge. They make sure they benefit all the facilities and educational activities which the college provides. At the school level, a student is unaware of the writing style of conceptual learning. He just crams the lessons and produces it in the paper. He is unable to build his own opinion and to incorporate a new idea. However, at college level textbooks are not the only source of knowledge but students read other books to expand their possibility. This thing brings about new approaches and ideas in their field.

Mischief, naughtiness, and indiscipline are some most important features of college life. Although there is a fair number of a decent student, sometimes mischievous ones outnumber them very easily. Therefore, the general concept of a college student in the past was of an rude arid unruly one. Nowadays, the situation is not as hard as it had been. Speech declamations, quiz competitions, debates, and sports are also a remarkable feature of college life: It can be rightly said about the competitive environment at development.

 “What I like the most about college is not its freedom, it is its sensation.”

The students learn a sense of freedom, the teamwork, patience, support and the spirit of leadership throughout the college life. If they win, they learn how to celebrate it. If they lose, they learn to embrace the defeat with courage and tolerance. They learn from both conquest and defeat.

In the end, we can say that students learn the principle of golden life through trial and error, reading, testing, competitions, social communication, and various sports. The college life is an opportunity for everyone and he should get the maximum out of it. The ornaments of college life are enjoyable but they can be traps for those who are irresponsible and immature. However, college life is an unforgettable experience and the one who misses it cannot find an alternative for the rest of life.

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