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This is an great version of the English essay on ‘A Visit to a Museum”. This essay is equally best for 10th class, FA, 2nd year and BA students. A Museum is a place where we keep the valuable things of the past in safe custody. We visited the Lahore Museum last Sunday.

Essay Title: A Visit to a Museum

Historical events, distinct works of genius, wondrous achievements, admirable accomplishments and the cultivation of human art collectivelly constitute the culture of a nation. Pakistani culture, though replete with all these distinctive qualities, is remarkably exceptional for its brilliant historical heritage. The most startling and spectacular characteristic of our culture is the enviable presentation of the Muslim Architecture. The historical places in Pakistan are a prominent emblem of the Muslim culture. A visit to a historical place is a happy experience. It gives us a chance to quick look into the past. Thousands of tourists from all parts of the world visit Pakistan to have a glance of its important historical places.


A museum is a place where we keep the valuable and historic things of the past in safe custody. These things tell us how our forefathers lived and worked. A museum is a very interesting place where we can see a collection of rare things and things of historical interest. It is a house of all precious and wonderful things. We study the old things there and we come to know much of our history and culture of previous ages. We see all the things of past and present at one place. A visit to the museum is very inductive. Everybody wants to visit the museum because it is an education itself. Many people come from abroad to study the history of the past.


Last Sunday, my father took me to the Lahore Museum. It is one of the best museums in Pakistan. It is situated in front of Punjab Universtiy Hall on the Shahrah-e-Qauid. It is a grand building with a high ceiling. There are different rooms for different things. At first we saw the pictures of old kings, saints, and statesmen. These pictures were drawn by the artists of the past. Some of these were drawn purely from the mind’s eye. Toys and other things of wood were very beautiful.


Then we saw the pottery of Multan, the woodwork of Gujranwala, the shawls of Kashmir, cutlery of Wazirabad and the beautiful carpets of Karachi. There was also a large collection of old daggers, shields, weapons, swords, and ornaments made of gold and silver. The ornaments were nicely set in glass cases.


After this, we saw old coins. I could not read what was written on them. Then we saw precious stones. They were kept very safe. We also saw many books written by hand. Their paper was not fine. The dead bodies of snakes, beasts, and birds were very fine. Their bodies were filled with cotton and dry grass. Then we saw wonderful things that dug out from Texila and Swat Valley.


We kept on moving in the museum more than two hours. There were many other things to see. But we were tired. We returned home full of pleasure and happiness. It was an educational and gratifying visit indeed.

“ In Nature’s infinite book of secrecy

A little I can read”

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