A picnic can be defined as “ an excursion for joy and recreation.” In this hurly-burly world of tumult and turmoil, people become dull in the soul and drab in spirit. Round the clock they are engrossed in materialistic pursuits. They feed  their  big bellies  but do nothing for their vexed souls. They have confined themselves to the small stinging nooks of the houses or the offices. They toil from dawn  to dusk to make loads of money. Life  has become flat, boring and monotonous  for them. They spare no time to enjoy a fresh nutritious breath. They have no time to spend in the company of balmy nature. They do not bother to enlighten their souls and illumine their brains. They have become almost unresponsive , insensitive and apathetic about beauty, grace and glamour. They have lost their taste for aestheticism. They find nature to be dull in soul and drab in colour. In such a grim situation, an excursion proves to be an amazing antidote to counter the venomous effects of tedium and ennui.

I, like men of today, live a busy hectic life but I do spare some time for the enlightenment of my soul. Here follows how I enjoyed my last picnic. A few days ago, my friends and I chalked out a programme to spend the coming Sunday on the bank of the Indus. The idea to enjoy ripe pulpy mangoes on a cool shady bank of the river fascinated us so much that we finalized the program in a trice. The anxiously awaited Sunday brought feverish activity with it. As we were to proceed early, everyone was enthusiastically eager to be in time. All the preparations were made within no time and we all started off on our bikes. They sky overcast with silvery clouds.  Cool breeze was fanning our faces. We were no less happy than Wordsworth when he entered the enchanted valley of Racedown. I started singing his beautiful verses:

“ oh there is blessing in this gentle breeze

That blows from the green fields and from the clouds

And from the : it beats against my cheek,

And seems half- conscious of the joy it gives.”

It was a pleasant ride. All were highly excited and delighted. In half an hour we reached our destination.

We placed our things under a huge shady tree. Within no time, we put on the life jackets and jumped into  the river. It was a pure  joy to swim in the cool  water of the river. The light drizzle from the silvery clouds, the cool breeze, the fragrance of the blooming flowers on the bank of the river, the slow moving boats of the fisherman along the downstream had  a magical effect on us. We  spent a long time in the river. When we got exhausted,we came out of the river and pounced upon the ripe mangoes. We ate mangoes with great relish. One of us began singing. We started playing cards and chess. One of our friends told us many jokes which made us laugh. This was really a wonderful day to be cherished in our memory and recounted with pride.

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